A Workplace Transformed: Fuel Headquarters Fully Re-Opens

After transitioning the majority of our staff to work from home over the last year and half, we are excited to formally re-open our corporate headquarters.

Despite the adversity we all faced, the exciting thing is that over these past months, our team not only adapted to the new realities of today’s business and healthcare landscape but also led the charge in developing new products and services for our members.­

“Many of our best ideas and solutions have come from our internal team members showcasing their leadership abilities and making Fuel a better company.”

— Shawn Parker, Co-Founder

With the majority of our team working from home beginning in March of 2020, we became experts in virtual meetings.  We also formed a Task Force of leaders to set strategy, drive outcomes and help our company collaborate. From providing PPP technical assistance to doubling our marketing creative campaigns, to Fuel’s brand-new Audiology Technician Program, our Task Force and team remain dedicated to innovation and turning ideas into action.

“At our core, we’re problem solvers.  This last year has given us the opportunity to solve all kinds of new problems as well as motivated creativity and community within our team. We’re excited to continue this trend.”

— Brendan Ford, Co-Founder

We’ve always known that what truly makes Fuel special is our team and our culture, and after facing the challenges and unknowns of 2020 together, this statement still holds true.

Re-opening our office now is about giving our team a place to continue building community and to re-connect face to face with each other.  While we will continue to utilize technology to allow the benefits of working remotely, with most staff splitting their time between both at home and in the office connecting with other Fuelies, we can’t tell you how excited we are to be back in person.

With nearly 100 new members joining Fuel Medical in 2020 and 2021 already looking to be a record year, we know what drives it; it’s our people and our commitment to helping our members.

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