Allergy EDGE: A Safety and Growth-Focused Solution for Your Practice

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Allergy EDGE is the best-practice solution for the provision of Allergy Immunotherapy. From patient intake through testing and treatment, our software and protocols promote the best outcomes for your patients and practice.

How it works

Our patent-pending compounding system utilizes barcodes and orbital scanners to assure the efficient and safe mixing of patient vials. When patients visit the practice for their injections, they can bypass the front office via our FastPass check-in system and go directly to the treatment area to receive their injection. Once again barcodes are utilized to make sure you always give the right injection to each patient.

After your delivery system has been optimized, Allergy EDGE and Fuel Medical will help you take your practice to the next level. Our continuous monitoring and analysis of key data metrics allows us to identify any patients who missed an injection or elected not to receive treatment. We then help you implement the tools to re-engage those patients.

The Benefits of Allergy EDGE

Let’s get started

If you are looking to streamline your existing allergy department or add an ancillary service to your practice, contact Allergy EDGE powered by Fuel Medical Group.

Contact Dave Kibec, Director of Ancillary Services, at or 360-949-1091, or request information via our easy form to your right.

We realize that software can’t grow your business but the team at Fuel Medical can.

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