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Today, more and more attention is being focused on the patient experience as a measure of quality health care.  In a recent survey conducted by The Advisory Board1, six of the top ten attributes preferred by patients were related to access and convenience.  By offering in-office CT to your patients, not only can you diagnose and treat the symptoms more efficiently, but you also make the experience much less cumbersome for your patients, thus increasing their overall satisfaction with office visits.

CT scans are fundamental to proper diagnosis and treatment. In fact, some studies have shown that onsite scanning can change the initial diagnosis in up to 75 percent of cases. Fuel Medical’s partner, Xoran Technologies LLC, is the pioneer of low-dose radiation, cone-based CT scanners for use in-office and in operating rooms.  Their MiniCAT IQ is a compact, upright volume computer tomography system designed for high-resolution bone window imaging of the sinuses, temporal bones and skull base.  In addition to the benefits of single-visit diagnosis and lower radiation doses for the patients, your clinic can benefit tremendously from the expedited workflow, scanning revenue and increase in the number of advanced procedures performed in the office.

Many Fuel Members are already performing in-office CT with Xoran’s MiniCAT IQ and realizing the multitude of benefits that come from adding this to their practice.  If that applies to your clinic, we’d love to hear some feedback about you and your patients’ experiences.  Feel free to email any testimonials you’d like to share to  For those of you interested in learning more about this and bringing in-office CT to your clinic, including our interest-free financing options, please contact your Fuel Regional Manager.