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If you don’t stay in touch with your patients, another competitor will! The most successful practice owners make patient recall a priority because it protects the practice’s most valuable resource – its database – and helps fill the schedule with opportunities. With Your Hearing Network (YHN), keeping contact with your patients is a breeze.

YHN is a rapidly growing national network of independent hearing care professionals that aspires to provide all Americans with convenient access to the nation’s top hearing health care professionals, affording them the best in care and technology. Their expansive services, access to education for providers and online resources all come together to help you maximize leads and conduct daily operations more effectively and efficiently.

Your Claims Solution

Increases in Hearing Care Benefit Programs can mean more opportunities, but it also means you will devote more time to claims verification, claims submission and collections. Spend your time seeing more patients – do what you do best and leave the claim submissions to the experts at Your Claims Solution.

  • Save time. Get faster claims submission turnaround and eliminate long calls with insurance companies.
  • Work easier. When you have insurance questions, the YHN team is just a phone call away and will be ready to alleviate all your insurance hassles.
  • Get paid faster. Receive quicker insurance reimbursements, competitive discounts and lowered accounts receivables with YHN’s quick turnaround and follow-ups.

Your National Call Center

The staff of Your National Call Center work as an extension of your practice to bring you quality opportunities. Utilizing a dedicated representative, they provide highly personal, efficient and cost-effective communication. You benefit from:

  • A representative that is part of your team.
  • Tested and refined patient-friendly presentation scripts.
  • Comprehensive reporting.
  • Stronger patient relationships and a full schedule.

Reach your audience directly with a personalized call to maximize your marketing and lead generation efforts with Your National Call Center, and your patient appointments will increase. In fact, practices that utilize Your National Call Center experience a net gain of 8-10 units per month.

For more information about services offered with Your Hearing Network, please contact your regional manager.