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What an exciting year it has been for Fuel Medical and our members. For those of you who attended Fuel Your Future in Austin, it was a great opportunity to reflect on all that has been accomplished and to collect feedback on what is needed in the future. As we close out 2017, we thought it would be a good idea to share some of this year’s highlights with the entire group.

This year our membership grew to more than 375 premier practices with over 1,250 locations in a variety of medical settings including ENTs, Universities, Hospitals and Private Practices. As our membership has grown, we have also expanded our support team. In fact, our web and marketing teams have nearly doubled in size to handle the 25,000+ custom work orders we have completed.

We have also expanded our software development and data analytics team to accommodate the demands from our Allergy EDGE and Audiology EDGE software systems. As of October, there were over 1,200 users and more than 110,000 patients entered into the software database. Since the rollout, we have recorded over 615,000 injections and prevented more than 30,000 errors in 2017 alone. Our Audiology software has also transitioned from concept to reality, recording over 34,000 patient visits and more than 15,000 audiograms this year. We are continually enhancing these platforms and are committed to improving patient outcomes and provider efficiency.

Another area of significant growth has been our professional development service offering. Jim Fedio, Director of Professional Development, recently released eight new training modules. Jim is regularly visiting practices who are seeking in-depth, hands-on training. If you need continuing education for your front office staff, management team, Providers and/or Physicians, please let your Regional Manager know. We are happy to schedule a time to visit your practice.

We are also proud to announce the addition of Brian Taylor to our team in 2017. Brian is a well-known figure in the industry and brings with him 25 years of audiology experience as Fuel Medical’s Director of Clinical Audiology. We will be publishing content from Brian on a regular basis to ensure our members get the most current, in-depth industry information. Brian will work to develop and implement processes to create efficiencies based on best practices for our audiology, cochlear and tinnitus initiatives.

In 2017, we also launched our strategic alliance with Cochlear. Dan Quall and Brian Taylor have been working closely with Cochlear providers to establish best-practice protocols for patient engagement and education. We will be rolling out several more initiatives with the Cochlear Provider Network in 2018 as we continue to focus on the medical delivery of hearing health care. At a time when topics like OTC devices, unbundled hearing aid pricing and insurance coverage of hearing loss are regularly in the press, it is more important than ever for providers to focus on the value they bring to the delivery system. This will be a major focus at Fuel for the coming year.

As we close out 2017, it is very important to review your own performance and to establish your strategic plan for 2018. We have created a simple yet comprehensive way to document your goals and to identify the tactics necessary to accomplish them. If you have not already had your strategic planning session with your regional management team, please schedule some time soon. These plans allow us to hold ourselves accountable to meeting your needs.

We sincerely appreciate our relationship with each and every member of
Fuel Medical and look forward to a fantastic 2018.