How Are You Doing?

Fuel Medical Group has created a business health questionnaire to help you rate the current state of your practice performance. Rate your practice in each of the following areas, using a scale from 1 (improvements are needed) to 5 (we're experts).

Marketing Website - SEO, SEM, Social, Patient Portal
Marketing Internal Patient Education Materials / Practice Collateral
Marketing Patient Flow - Converting audios to evaluations and evaluations to patients receiving treatment
Marketing Waiting Room - (Marketing all ancillary services of the practice)
Marketing Exam Rooms - (Marketing all ancillary services of the practice)
Marketing External Marketing - (New Patient Acquisition Strategies)
Marketing Database Mining Activities
Financial Financial Benchmarking Against Peers
Financial Hearing Aid Retail Pricing Strategy
Financial Budgeting & Analysis of Financial Results
Personal Front Office Staff Training - (Knowledge of Audiology / Hearing Aids / Customer SErvice)
Personal / Financial Compensation Plan for Providers (Audiologists, Allergists, MA, PA, Physicians)


How did you do?

Fuel would like to help your practice rate a 5 in each area! The experts at Fuel can offer proven strategies and tools in every area of operating your practice. Complete the fields below and we will contact you to discuss your results.

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