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Lenore is an Alaskan native who finds the PNW downright tropical, once considered her future boss “riff-raff,” and will school you in ping pong.

Lenore Molina, Controller at Fuel Medical1. When did you start working at Fuel and what inspired you to join the company?

My Fuel journey began in the strip mall office back when there were a mere 25 or so employees. I had recently spent a few years as an office administrator for an allergist and was thrilled to get back to an accounting job. No more ordering syringes or serum, and no more picking up the doctor’s dry cleaning. My current bosses mostly wear jeans and t-shirts. Perfect.

2. What is your professional background?

I began working in the accounting field back in 1988. That’s right around the time when most of my coworkers were born. After about a 20-year stint in public accounting I decided to try something new and worked for a local allergist as his practice administrator. Next came Fuel!

3. Fun facts

I was born and grew up in Alaska. I had no idea there was so much sunshine to soak up and such a variety of beautiful flowers, trees, mountains and beaches with actual sand to explore. (There’s no such thing as dipping your toes in the Alaskan oceans and only sharp rocks to walk on.) I became used to daylight all summer long and darkness all winter. It was hard to keep track of days and nights. I was happy to trade in the chill of Alaska for the tropics of the PNW. Well… it felt tropical to me anyway!

4. An amusing experience you’ve encountered while working at Fuel

I would have to say my interview would qualify as amusing. I was excited for the opportunity to jump back into an accounting profession after spending time as an office administrator. I read Fuel’s website and was prepared to make a great impression on this group of professionals. As I pulled into the Fuel parking lot, I noticed a young guy, hat on backwards, t-shirt and tats, hands under the hood of a car. Fuel ought to clear out the riff raff in the parking lot, I thought. I slinked past the kid tinkering on his car in my nice dress and waited for my interview. In came the mechanic, Brendan Ford. The rest is history.

5. Speak now or forever hold your peace

During the growth we’ve experienced in our new building we’ve just about tripled our number of Fuelies, thus filling the extra space we had during those first couple of years. However, throughout the additions of new employees, desks, phones and computers we’ve managed to maintain a space for the most important item – our beloved ping pong table. Thank you to those who planned our additions around this important play area.


Ping Pong Champion.