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Adam Bailey is a Full Stack Developer with Fuel Medical. Having hearing loss himself, Adam is uniquely qualified to put his skills to use helping audiology practices improve patient care.

1. How did you come to find your current profession?

I was working as a printer repair technician and had a spinal surgery that kept me from lifting any more printers. I started aligning myself with the engineers at that job and learning to code. From there I started creating tools to improve workflow for other technicians.

2. Whats a typical day at Fuel Medical look like for you?

I get to spend my days at Fuel building out really cool features to help audiology practices in our AudiologyEdge software.

3. Biggest accomplishment at Fuel Medical so far?

My biggest accomplishment at Fuel was the launch of AudiologyEdge. I learned many complex processes both in code, and in audiology. We got to see our carefully crafted lines of code be put to action with around a thousand audiograms a week. Having hearing loss myself has given me a reason to care about helping audiology practices better care for their patients.

4. What’s an ideal Saturday in your book?

As a drummer, I’d be more than happy spending a Saturday playing music with a few friends and a few beers!

5. Tell me something most people don’t know about you?

I am the father of an autistic 11-year-old. I am interested in understanding, and helping others understand how to best work with people who have challenges in order to facilitate and be proud of his growth as a person, and hopefully as a contributing member of society.