Meet Dayv Widdecombe, Digital Project Manager

What is your professional background?

My professional background comes from the design world. I went to a small, liberal arts college in West Virginia called Shepherd University. I got my degree in graphic design, but also studied marketing, photography and business. Then I went to California and started working, and eventually moved to Colorado to start a magazine with business partners and act as the art director. Years later, I packed up the car again and moved to Oregon. I worked at a couple of places as creative director, as a director at a marketing company called CloudOne and a marketing director at a publishing company before eventually finding my home here at Fuel as the digital project manager.

What do you do here at Fuel, and what is your favorite part of your job?

What I do at Fuel is run around and put fires out to make sure projects are on time and moving correctly through the digital process. Whether that’s making sure a member is engaged and knows what they need to do on their end or if it’s talking with our account managers or development, design and content teams to make sure we are staying within our build timelines for websites, landing pages or any digital services that Fuel offers. My favorite part is presenting and speaking with members. I enjoy engaging and showing them the ins and outs of the digital process as well as getting to hear their thoughts and input. It’s great when you present a design or a finished product to a member and you get to hear them say ‘I love it!’

What is your favorite thing about the Fuel office culture?

My favorite part about the culture is that it is really like a family. Everyone hangs out. It isn’t uncommon to go to lunch and find some of the business development team out with designers, developers and account managers. It’s not a segregated group, it’s a community. One of my favorite parts about that is within my first week here, I joined a group of people to go mountain biking with; it was a great way to get know people across departments. I love the active bunch that we have here, there’s a lot of outside activities to do as a workplace and you don’t often get that.

Do you have any fun facts about yourself you’d like to share?     

I competitively rode X Games style bikes for 20 years. I traveled the world and rode my bike in front of kids and adults alike in contests, demos and school/festival shows. I started riding bikes at age 9 and was competing by age 12-13. I put that on the backburner to go to college, and then after college I moved out to California for the specific purpose of riding my bike and art directing a BMX magazine, which I ended up doing from the ground up. Of the places I’ve traveled because of my bike, I really enjoyed Eastern Canada and Alaska and met many wonderful people in different states and countries. I enjoy traveling in general, and still to this day take any chance I get to explore new places.

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