Meet Mugsy Carter, Full Stack Web Developer

What is your professional background?

I went from scientist, to teacher, to programmer. I started with a degree in biochemistry and then worked as an R&D biochemist for a small drug company in Ferndale, Washington for two years right out of undergrad, and I hated it! So I took some time off and spent about six months traveling around Europe and a little bit of the Middle East. When I came back, I got a master’s in education and went on to teach high school for seven years at low income schools. I then decided to do something different and attended a coding bootcamp instead of returning to traditional college. I then started with contract work under my own LLC, and then transitioned in to my role here at Fuel on the development team.

What do you do here at Fuel, and what is your favorite part of your job?

I’m a full stack web developer working on our audiology software, Audiology EDGE. It’s pretty fun; I solve a lot of problems. I really like building out new features – I think that’s a niche I’ve created for myself on the team, and I really like the creativity it requires.

I think the best thing about working here at Fuel is the autonomy that I’m provided. I’m able to work my own way on things I’m responsible for, and I’m trusted to be a professional.

Tell me about your favorite part of our culture here at Fuel?

The culture is awesome. Everyone is really friendly; I never feel excluded from anything and feel like I can get involved in anything I want to get involved in. The ping pong table is kind of my bread and butter, and I play that often. It was kind of unexpected to love it this much – I never really played before coming here, so it’s been fun to get a new hobby that I’m now obsessed with.

Do you have any fun facts about yourself you’d like to share?

I have a moderately successful education YouTube channel that I don’t do anything with anymore. I made some videos for my students while I was teaching and a few of them really took off, which was unexpected and fun.

I’m a big fan of backpacking, ultimate frisbee and any kind of outdoor activities. I just got back from two weeks of backpacking up in Alaska; I saw 14 bears, caribou, moose, coyotes and a bunch of wildlife, and it was awesome. I find that if I don’t get out into nature, I start losing my mind – having a sedentary thinking job means it’s important that I get outside and get into nature.

My actual middle name is Danger.

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