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This month’s employee spotlight focuses on Morgan Nolta, Marketing Manager for the Midwest territory. Recently engaged, Morgan enjoys the office camaraderie and is thankful for the personal and professional growth opportunities Fuel has afforded her.

1. When did you start working at Fuel and what inspired you to join the company?

I started working at Fuel in March of 2015. When I went through the interview process, I was deciding between working for Fuel and another company. I’m so glad I chose Fuel! I chose Fuel because of the wonderful people I met (Nick Candeaux and Stuart Lyon) as well as the fun and energetic environment. I could tell right away that Fuel was a growth-oriented company that encouraged new ideas and creativity.

2. What is your professional background?

I came to Fuel as a marketing coordinator, in training with one of Fuel’s early marketing managers. My background consisted primarily of administrative work, data entry, some sales and recruiting.

3. Fun fact

My fiancé and I just booked a trip to Thailand for our honeymoon! We’ll be island-hopping, eating delicious food and enjoying some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. I am thankful that Fuel was gracious and flexible in helping me to get the time off.

4. An amusing experience you’ve encountered while working at Fuel

There have been so many amusing experiences at Fuel, but I’d have to say that my favorite was when we did a company scavenger hunt. We were split into teams and spent the day running around Camas to see which team could complete the tasks the quickest. We got some strange looks from Camas residents that day. There were some competitive Fuelies at the end who all got in their car to beat the other group and ended up winning. To this day there are disputes against whether they cheated or just played smart.

5. Speak now or forever hold your peace

Fuel has been an awesome place to grow, learn and collaborate with others. I’ve met lifelong friends, and developed professional strengths. I am very thankful to be working for such a great company!