Is it time for a change?

Have you felt like a bit of the magic in your buying group relationship has vanished? Maybe you feel like you don’t really know staff members anymore due to turnover, or rarely even hear from them? Have things gone stale in the programs that they offer you? Are the motivational speeches just not the same as before?

We have the answer: Fuel Medical Group

If you are looking for the partner to take your practice and your team to the next level, look no further than Fuel Medical. Let us take care of making the switch seamless. We know there are connection points with your current group—we can help with those.

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With our New Member Offer when you join Fuel we will:

Create your new custom website ($5,000 value):

No one in the industry offers more customized and innovative website options than Fuel. Let our web team collaborate with you to build your new custom website to showcase your brand and expertise.

Create and print a custom, practice-branded collateral starter package ($2,000 value):

Don’t build someone else’s brand! Each piece of collateral you use with your patients should reflect your brand. When you switch, we will create and print your new collateral package.

Upgrade your digital outreach ($2,000 value):

With our exclusive digital promo, your first purchase* through Fuel and our hearing aid manufacturing partners will earn you $2,000 to upgrade your digital footprint and outreach efforts.

Take over your marketing plan and identify gaps:

Innovative marketing programs are one more thing we pride ourselves on at Fuel. Your regional team will conduct an audit of your current plan and efforts to identify any gaps or opportunities for improvement.

Implement a private label transition strategy if necessary:

If you currently sell private label hearing aids, Fuel will implement a strategy to help you sell regular manufacturer labeled product. From obtaining new hardware and software to ensuring your team is fully trained, we are here to help.

Provide HIPAA compliant email:

If you don’t currently have HIPAA compliant email, we can get you set up to protect your patient data.

Help you maintain Domain ownership:

We will help you maintain or gain domain ownership, so you don’t lose any of your domain authority or any of your SEO credibility.

Arrange vendor training as needed:

Interested in new technology from a manufacturer you do not currently work with? No problem—Fuel works with all six major manufacturers and will arrange training from them for your team as needed to make sure you are up to speed on their technology.

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*Offer expires 10/15/21. Available to first-time Fuel Medical members joining from a competing group.

Request a call with one of our Regional Directors to learn more.

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