Cosmetics & Facial Plastics

Cosmetics Are you a provider of cosmetic services seeking to earn high marks in patient satisfaction? A facial plastic and reconstructive surgery clinic desiring a steady stream of patient referrals? Let the team at Fuel Medical help you achieve your goals! We offer a variety of services geared towards helping you build and market your services to your larger patient base and surrounding community.

Often, patients do not understand the spectrum of services offered by their ENT. Many are unaware of the cosmetic or facial plastics component of an ENT’s practice, from injectables to full cosmetic procedures. Fuel helps you develop strategies for communicating your total value proposition, through marketing communications and the Internet, to develop the awareness necessary to thrive, and increase your patient flow. Our goal is to cement the public’s perception of your services, and create an image as a cosmetic provider.

Your patients must understand the depth and scope of your cosmetics and facial plastics services. It’s not just about beauty – facial reconstruction following an accident, surgical procedure, or other disfiguring event represents a solid portion of your business, and is crucial in helping your patients regain their self-confidence. While creating awareness is important, it’s also in your best interest to take steps to differentiate the two aspects of your practice, such as separate waiting rooms. Creating the appropriate flow is key towards establishing a successful cosmetics business within your ENT practice.

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