Hospitals & Universities

University Are you a hospital or university seeking to spread the word about the services you offer and hoping to educate your community that you have a clinical staff able to provide a full range of services to the general public? Our team has extensive experience in implementing business strategies that allow hospitals and universities to maximize their potential, and can help to ensure the community is aware of the benefits in scheduling an appointment with you.

Hospitals and universities face unique challenges in getting their message across. Many people are unaware that institutions may house independent audiology clinics, and view them as destinations for emergency treatment or extended stays to recuperate from serious illnesses or surgical procedures. Universities are perceived as facilities for education; the fact that many offer full-service medical clinics is lost on both the general public and the university community itself. We’ll tackle these misperceptions head-on and leverage your existing communication vehicles to create awareness, whether you are a hospital or a university.

In addition to marketing your services to the community, we’ll take a look at your overall operation – including finance, infrastructure and other areas that directly impact your success – for areas that would benefit from improvement. As an added bonus, should the need for adjunct teaching services arise, we have experienced lecturers who bring real world experience from the business side of clinical operations for a different take on practice management.

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