Finance plays an integral role in the growth of your practice. Benchmarking the key financial indicators within the operational engine of your practice and then setting monitored, carefully crafted growth plans in motion are vital components to assist us in driving your practice forward and overcoming the obstacles against which you struggle.

Key Performance Indicators

FinanceWe are committed to improving your fiscal performance and visibility of results. One critical component in achieving that goal is reviewing your performance and operational data. This data provides us with an objective set of decision making criteria we call Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Many businesses either do not have the time or tools to efficiently track, analyze and interpret the key drivers of their business. We offer simple ways data can be gathered from a number of information systems and converted into a meaningful set of metrics for comparison against current targets, historical performance, industry averages and “Best Practice” benchmarks. Our comprehensive dashboard allows you to quickly identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

Comprehensive Annual Planning & Monitoring

Keeping your finances in check is an ongoing process: you must constantly be sure that your money is being spent in the areas most beneficial to driving business and growing your practice. With our comprehensive annual planning and monitoring tools, you’ll always have a clear picture of where you stand and can reallocate your resources as needed.

Merger & Acquisition Support

MergersMergers and acquisitions – buying, selling and combining different companies – can help your practice achieve rapid growth. Unfortunately, many practices make fatal errors in this process which often leads to working harder but making less. Should an opportunity arise, you’ll want to be prepared. Our finance experts at Fuel Medical are experienced with all aspects of mergers and acquisitions and are happy to offer you support should the need arise.

Strategic Capital Funding

Expansion opportunities often require additional capital resources. Rather than depleting your operating cash, you may benefit from utilizing strategic capital funding. Our finance experts can assist you with securing the monies needed for such projects at competitive rates without going through all the red tape involved in traditional funding avenues.

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