Web & Media

Your online presence should be more than a digital brochure. It should create relevancy for your brand with the consumer. You need a quality website that can be utilized to drive patients through your door to increase revenue. Our Web & Media team has the experience and knowledge to build and grow your web presence. Our 4 step process of Discovery, Design, Develop and Delivery produces industry leading web & media products.

Website Audits

Ever wonder exactly what your existing website is really doing for your practice? Our deep dive analysis can help answer this question. We examine every aspect of your website to determine the quality and the effectiveness of your existing site. We then provide a detailed report that can be turned into an action plan to improve your website’s performance, effectiveness and usability.

Custom Web Designs

Custom Website Creation

Fuel understands that your practice is unique and can’t be stuffed into a predefined box. We take the time to get to know your practice so we can create a website that accurately represents you. Our talented design team will create a unique look for you with a focus on brand continuity. We then create unique content for your website to help it stand out from the crowd. Our four phase process of Discovery, Design, Develop and Delivery ensures that you will be satisfied and proud of the results.

Hosting and Change Management

Most web developers get your website live and then seemingly disappear. Getting changes made in a timely fashion is usually a hassle. We know you don’t have time to waste. That’s why our monthly hosting and change management plan is designed to be affordable and effective. Typically, web changes are made within 3 days of the request, often times they may even happen the same day. In addition, we monitor your websites status 24 hours a day to ensure maximum uptime.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization

It’s a full time job understanding the ever changing landscape of SEO. Our knowledgeable team stays on top of SEO changes and trends in order to keep your website ahead of the game. A lot of SEO companies today make very bold promises when selling their services. Most of these companies use search engine loop holes to provide the short term results they promise. However search engines are constantly closing these loop holes and punishing any website that may have taken advantage of them. We pride ourselves on keeping to SEO best practices to deliver lasting SEO effects.

Social Media

Social Media

Social Media plays a very important role in SEO these days, but who has time or the resources to properly manage your social media outlets? Our social media service plan is affordable and designed to help your social presence grow. Fuel can take over existing accounts or create new accounts for the major social outlets. We customize the look of your social outlets to leverage your designs and maintain brand continuity. Our team then makes weekly posts utilizing industry leading news and information sources to provide your patients with valuable medical information, while also handling practice or local specific posts to help keep you further engaged with your patients.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

One of the most effective ways to market your website is through SEM. SEM campaigns drive traffic to your website through locally targeted ads to maximize your marketing dollars and ensure we are only reaching potential patients. Campaigns are created around the services you offer and general practice related terminology to capture users looking for the services you provide.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics

Our monthly analytic reports detail the overall performance of your website. These reports are reviewed with you so you have a working understanding of the metrics and why they are important. Our analytics are a window into the usability of your website. Using some of the key metrics we can analyze the performance of content on individual pages and create action plans to improve pages that may need it.

Email Services

Email Services

Fuel can create email inboxes with your domain name. No more @hotmail or @gmail address extensions. We leverage the powerful and reliable Gmail service to do so. And, with an add on security module, you can be assured of HIPAA compliance. Need a new inbox? Give us the new users name and we can have the new inbox created in minutes. Using the Gmail platform we provide Outlook level email services for a fraction of the price.

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