Our Team

Fuel Medical is a group of business professionals who partner with elite multi-specialty physicians to help them maximize their business and become market leaders. Our Mission is to build meaningful relationships with partners who are as passionate about patient care as we are and to provide them with a better quality of life through the implementation of best practices and increased profitability. Fuel Medical provides customized patient education materials, marketing campaigns and business services to multi-specialty physicians and is funded by elite manufacturers of medical devices and supplies. We begin by identifying what each physician wants to accomplish through their practice. Once these goals are identified, we perform a complete audit of the practice. This includes a financial assessment, comprehensive market analysis and spending time with each member of the physicians team to identify opportunities for improvement. When we have agreed with the providers on the current status of the business, we begin the process of creating a strategic plan to bridge the gap between where the practice is and where they would like it to be.

What truly differentiates Fuel is our ability to execute and implement the changes necessary to get results.

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