Portland Business Journal Award 2014

For the second consecutive year, Fuel Medical Group made the list of 100 fastest growing private companies in the Portland/Vancouver metropolitan area. They are ranked #14 this year, an impressive achievement considering the challenges involved in sustaining growth year after year.

Brendan Ford and Shawn Parker formed Fuel Medical Group in 2009; since then, the company has grown from just two employees to 34, a trend that shows no sign of slowing. And with the purchase of a new building in Camas that will quadruple the company’s square footage, there is plenty of room for future expansion. How big might they one day become? “We don’t have a number,” Ford says. The goal – and perhaps, biggest challenge – is to control growth without diminishing the quality of service.

Both Parker and Ford value the importance of the team they have assembled, and are pleased with the combination of hard work and humor they bring to the office. “We have been able to bring a diverse group of personalities together, harness their specific gifts and meld them into a team we strongly believe is the best in the industry,” explains Ford. “The company is full of comedians, and even some of the quieter people will do or say something hilarious that makes people laugh. We have made t-shirts with embarrassing staff pics, wrapped colleagues’ cubes in aluminum foil and engaged in the occasional Nerf gun war.”

If Fuel Medical were a movie, they believe it would be The Breakfast Club: even though the staff has different personalities, they embrace each other’s uniqueness and band together to achieve a common goal. And they don’t want anybody to forget about them!

Fuel offers a variety of services for multi-specialty medical practices including marketing, website development, finance, operations, human resources, professional development, mergers and acquisitions, and career placement. These are offered “cafeteria style,” allowing clients to select the services that will benefit them most while improving their cost efficiency. Audiology and otology clinics, hospitals and universities, and plastic surgery clinics are the target market; clients include head and neck, allergy and sinus, and sleep and snoring disorder specialists.

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