Portland Business Journal Top 5

In June, Fuel Medical Group was named the 5th fastest growing private company in the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area. This honor was the second for founders Shawn Parker and Brendan Ford, whose company, Audigy Group, was ranked as the fastest growing company in 2008 when Ford was president and Parker was a vice-president. “I find it very impressive that Brendan has been able to do that twice in the last five years,” Parker says.

The duo formed Fuel Medical Group in late 2009. In the years since, the Vancouver, Washington-based physician practice management firm has achieved 690% growth, and expanded from two employees to 26. Services for multi-specialty medical practices include marketing, website development, finance, operations, human resources, professional development, mergers and acquisitions, and career placement. These are offered “cafeteria style,” allowing clients to select the services that will benefit them most while improving their cost efficiency. Audiology and otology clinics, hospitals and universities, and plastic surgery clinics are the target market; clients include head and neck, allergy and sinus, and sleep and snoring disorder specialists.

A strong social media presence is one of Fuel Medical’s biggest strengths. The company utilizes Facebook as a tool for increasing public awareness about hearing loss issues, frequently posting articles about scientific advances in improved hearing and new technologies that offer hope to people with hearing loss.

Ford attributes the company’s rapid growth and impressive revenue of $3,307,206 in 2012 to its staff, and points to a low turnover rate as proof of their dedication. “The key is getting the right people involved with the company and making sure they are properly rewarded for their efforts,” he says. “They need to be passionate about solving customers’ problems, and as long as we reward those problem solvers they aren’t going to leave us.”

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