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Sure, you’ve heard all about our Symposium from us, but what about from another professional like yourself? Take it from Jennifer Jordan, CMC, CMCO, office manager of Willis-Knighton Health Center:

“The 2016 Fuel Symposium was full of informative, well researched material and such a remarkable venue! I’ve attended annual conferences for 16 years and this was in my top three for valuable information based on my specific need and the No. 1 for astonishing accommodations! Thank you Fuel for preparing such superior content and for inviting me to learn from uniquely skilled presenters.”

We want to see you in Austin and our partners have developed a few offers to help make that happen and alleviate any cost concerns for you. The first is a reimbursement offer that provides qualifying registrants who agree to a forty-unit purchase agreement to two complimentary premium hearing devices from the manufacturer of their choice (Oticon, Phonak, ReSound or Widex). You will receive these units immediately to ensure you recoup the costs of registration before you fulfill the unit agreement. The value of these devices more than offsets the registration fees for the Symposium, making your participation affordable.

In addition, Oticon has a special Buy ‘n Fly offer that will reimburse members for their airfare to the symposium with the purchase of 10 Opn™ devices.  The Buy’n Fly offer is independent of the bulk buy agreement described above. Members can take advantage of both offers, but are not required to purchase Oticon units for both.