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Have you heard? Phonak CROS B-R for single-sided hearing has joined the rechargeable portfolio.


We’re excited to announce that Phonak now offers a rechargeable solution for those living with single-sided hearing. Joining a full suite of rechargeable options, CROS B-R completes the Phonak Belong portfolio to provide patients with a variety of convenient rechargeable solutions for all levels of hearing loss.

Compatible exclusively with Audéo B-R, this RIC solution allows those with single-sided hearing to enjoy the benefits of innovative rechargeable technology from Phonak. Aside from the freedom to move about your day without the constraints caused by single-sided hearing, here are the top benefits of the Phonak rechargeable CROS B-R:

Rechargeable Solution for Single-Sided Hearing

When people have better hearing in one ear and poorer hearing in the other, they may find themselves needing to reposition themselves to take part in conversations. CROS B-R can transmit sound from one side to the other, letting patients hear sounds and voices in the most challenging of environments, without the need to adjust their position.

Last Longer

Now more than ever, people who wear hearing aids are living active lifestyles and becoming active community members. With a simple 3-hour charge, CROS B-R provides a full day and night’s worth of freedom to run errands, communicate with loved ones and enjoy life’s activities while experiencing unmatched hearing performance.

Better for the Environment

There’s a growing desire among people to take steps to lighten their impact on the environment through small, every day changes. With rechargeable hearing aids, no disposable batteries will mean less waste in the landfill. Using rechargeable batteries can benefit the environment and help your patients be a part of environmental change.

No Batteries to Change

There’s a reason we don’t use Walkmans to listen to music anymore—technology has evolved! The same goes for hearing aids; while traditional technology requires batteries to be changed on a weekly basis, your patients can now enjoy leaving the battery changing to TV remotes. Plus, no longer will there be a concern of hearing aid batteries dying midday or a need to bring a change of batteries wherever the wearer go. No battery changes means less hassles!

Easy to Use

Adopting new methods of completing everyday tasks can bring a certain level of hesitation. However, we are confident your patients will be thrilled with the conveniences that rechargeable CROS B-R can bring to their lifestyle. With no battery doors to open or pesky small batteries to change, your patients can sleep well knowing their hearing aids will be charged and be ready for a new day.

Trusted & Proven

Phonak was the first to introduce lithium-ion batteries to hearing aids in 2016. With over 250,000 patients wearing Phonak lithium-ion technology, they pride themselves on providing the most trusted and thoroughly-tested rechargeable solution on the market.

Introduce the new Phonak CROS B-R at your next patient appointment—bringing together new technology and patient awareness.


Rechargeable technology from Phonak is now also available in Naída B-R power solution and Sky B-R for pediatrics, in addition to Audéo B-R RIC model and Bolero BTE. For additional information, contact your regional manager today.