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Below is an overview of some physician outreach ideas. Your Marketing Project Manager and Regional Manager are available to assist you in implementing a physician referral program. If you would like a copy of Fuel’s Physician Outreach Guide, please contact your Marketing Project Manager.

Outreach Programs

  • Hearing Conservation Partner Program (HCPP): includes complimentary earplugs and educational materials on hearing conservation set out in physician offices for patients to take.
  • Custom Earmold Program: special offer through Westone for local physicians when they stop by for a tour of your practice.
  • Open House: Plan an open house during the late afternoon/early evening when physicians have time to drop by. Include refreshments, office tours, demonstrations of new technology.
  • Lunch & Learns: Take lunch to a physician’s office or set one up at your practice. Offer a short presentation and office tour.

Office Visits/Leave Behinds

  • Promotional Items: pens, coffee mugs, sticky notes, treats (seasonal or branded) – along with a handwritten thank you card.
  • Presentation Folder with practice information that could include referral pads, hearing loss info sheet, practice brochure/bios, custom earmold offer.
  • Monthly themed flyers: Create an annual calendar with various topics to keep physicians engaged and your practice top of mind throughout the year.


Mailers can be sent to a list of physicians you have compiled and/or combined with a purchased list of area physicians.

  • Newsletters: Two- or four-page; include hearing loss facts, practice information (send out quarterly).
  • Letter/Card: listing services and areas of expertise.
  • Brochure/Flyer: facts about hearing loss (or other services).