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Whether it’s from kindergarten or college, if you’re like many across the country right now, you know someone who has just had a graduation.  While the occasion is still fresh and you’re (hopefully) receiving thank you notes from the gifts you gave, this is the perfect time to consider your workloads and how newly minted graduates – from Medical Assistants to Doctors of Audiology – can fuel your practice’s growth in the coming months and years.

Plan for the future:  growth and turnover will occur.

Unless you are doing it all, you have staff that are supporting your patient interactions.  Inevitably, at some point you will either need to hire more or replace some.  It’s critical to consider where you’re going to find new staff – preferably before you’re desperate.

  • Always be recruiting (ABR). Are you asking your staff for referrals? Have you contacted local schools and universities to let them know you exist? Are you willing to be a speaker to get your name out there?  It’s free advertising too.

Altruism pays off:  be open to students (you were one once!).

Students in the medical field generally need some type of on-the-job training.  Yes, it takes work to be an intern or extern placement site.  The beauty of this “try before you buy” approach is that you get to see a prospective candidate’s work ethic in action, and they get to see how great it would be to work for you after graduation.

Beat the competition:  timing is everything.

The unemployment rate for Audiologists is 0.04%.  It’s not a question of whether they can find a job, but where.  So, if you are not in a highly sought after city like Boston or Austin, it is in your best interest to start thinking about where your next Audiologist will come from.

  • A couple of timeframes of note are coming up.
    • There are freshly minted Audiologists graduating in August. Not as many as the group that graduates in May, but they are there and they are beginning their job search now.
    • 3rd year Audiologists typically start looking for externship opportunities in late fall through early winter. If you’re thinking ahead, now is the time to contact universities to ensure that they are aware of the opportunities you have to offer.