The Benefits of Adding Signia to Your Hearing Aid Roster

All hearing aid manufacturers aim to solve a specific hearing need, whether with specific iterations of products or threaded consistently throughout their entire product line. As a practice owner, it’s up to you to decide which devices are right for your patients. Though, if you haven’t considered adding Signia to your roster, you may be depriving your patients of one of the most novel solutions to clarity reduction available on the market.

One of the Most Historic Manufacturers in the Field

Signia is a hearing aid group owned by Sivantos, Inc., which was previously known as Siemens Hearing Instruments. It was founded in 1878 by Werner Von Siemens when he built a telephone with a horseshoe magnet, which improved the device’s voice quality. This alone lead to the discovery that the “hard of hearing” could understand the person they are talking to much better if voice signals are amplified through electrical means.

The Innovators of Uncompromised Clarity

90% of people’s activities involve motion. As long as someone is moving, their acoustic environment changes. This is why hearing can go from easy to nearly impossible in just a few seconds as a person moves from the quiet surroundings of the home or car to a busier, more acoustically challenging place such as a sporting event.

With hearing loss, following a conversation while walking or running can be difficult since hearing aids traditionally assume the wearer is stationary. Existing hearing aids either focus on the sounds directly in front of a patient or in the surrounding area, reducing clarity and understanding. Signia Xperience is the first hearing aid platform ever that doesn’t make that compromise; it can do both at the same time. The Xperience hearing aids measure more audio data than ever before— and, for the first time, detects when a patient is in motion so that they can easily follow conversations with the most natural and personalized sound in every situation.

Other New Device Innovations

Pure 312 X

The revolutionary Pure 312 X hearing aids from Signia understand each and every acoustic situation. The first hearing aids built on seminal Signia Xperience technology; they continuously analyze a person’s unique hearing environment in greater detail than ever to deliver sound precisely tailored for that individual.

The Pure 312 X also offers top Bluetooth connectivity to stream phone calls, music and high-quality TV audio effortlessly straight into the hearing aid. Connectivity also means easy and discreet remote control and hearing care support in the palm of the hand with the new all-in-one Signia app.

Whether you’re looking to fill gaps in your practice’s hearing solution roster, ready to update your already state-of-the-art current offerings, or simply looking to serve your patient’s needs as best as possible, Signia expands your options.

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