The Better Hearing Plan

Consumerism is changing health care, and it’s time to update our methods of providing hearing services to meet the new demands. Many people are taking advantage of subscription and leasing services to obtain access to the best services and products without breaking the bank.

Fuel’s Better Hearing Plan is a subscription program for hearing aids that provides patients with a great alternative to traditional models of obtaining treatment for their hearing loss. We have partnered with Allegro Credit to make this program possible. The program allows patients to pay a predictable monthly payment for their hearing devices, making it easier for the patient to make a treatment decision for their hearing health without having the stress of fitting a major purchase into their budget.

The Better Hearing Plan is a three-year program that allows the patients to renew their subscription to receive the newest technology, purchase their existing devices or return their devices at the end of the lease term.

Fuel Medical Group offers this comprehensive program to support members in their mission to provide their clients with the best treatment and establish an ongoing relationship with the patient. The Better Hearing Plan keeps your patients in the latest technology without a large upfront cost, providing them the greatest benefit. The program also removes the burden of selling upgrades from the audiologists, freeing up their bandwidth to focus on providing comprehensive patient care. Utilizing this model can also increase the number of patients opting for treatment, improve patient retention and satisfaction and grow your practice’s hearing aid revenue.

The Better Hearing Plan is available to all of our members, and lets you access to all of our manufacturer partners and their hearing devices. Patients are always within warranty for loss, damage and repair. There is no financial risk to the practice; Allegro Credit assumes all financial risk. The program is easy to implement, and Fuel will provide training to clinicians on how to incorporate this option into their hearing aid evaluation.

If you’re still not sure whether the Better Hearing Plan is right for your practice, hear from another practice that has been successful in implementing the program:

“Adding the lease program to our financing options has allowed us to consistently witness more positive response to recommendations for amplification. Even patients with mild hearing loss are willing to get involved sooner than had previously been the case. As patients recognize the simplicity of the lease program along with the assurance of long-term access to state-of-the-art technology, they are becoming more enthusiastically invested in their own rehabilitation programs. All of this results in increased patient satisfaction while, at the same time, providing us with a revenue stream directly addressing the long-term viability of the practice.”
– ENT Consultants & The Hearing Place

Providing premium care and purchase options while increasing your annual recurring revenue has never been easier. Implementing the Better Hearing Plan gives patients a sound decision while decreasing the selling burden for your audiologists. If your practice is interested in learning more about the Better Hearing Plan, contact your regional manager today.

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