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Consumers of most products and services, a group that includes patients, continue to flock to the internet to research services and products before they buy. But the time you have to capture the attention of this online audience is getting shorter. Here are some important digital trends to focus on that will help your digital presence leave an impression on your audience.


You already have a website, but when was the last time it was updated? What about your social media pages? Have you checked your reviews lately? Simply claiming your pages and setting up a website is not enough. You should be updating your website, social media pages and review pages with new images, content and responses to comments regularly. We also recommend revisiting the format of your website periodically to ensure it works well on new devices and to optimize your site’s load times.


The beauty of digital marketing is that there is a wide range of data available; it just needs to be tracked. This data will keep you informed of successful efforts and can be used to drive decisions for future initiatives. Capturing and analyzing data from your website or social media pages is easy and can be vital to learning your audience and their behaviors. Data also alerts you when you should make changes and can be a key indicator of when to use advertising or update your marketing approach. For example, your current marketing plan may be geared toward patients 55 and older but your website and social media traffic is actually adult children ages 30 to 45. This information lets you know that you should consider targeting this new audience to reach your goals.

Customer Experience

Audiences want to get to know you. In previous years, there was a lot of focus placed on search engine optimization (SEO) and many pieces of digital marketing catered more to SEO than to actual people. While there is still importance in SEO, there is a return this year to focusing content on the customer. From content to photography to design to security, audiences want sites and social pages to be user-friendly, responsive, authentic and branded with the personality of the business while maintaining professionalism, ethics and integrity.

Content Marketing

I know what you’re thinking – what is content marketing? Traditional marketing involves a high focus on the sale. Content marketing indirectly stimulates interest in products or services by sharing facts, social media posts, videos or blogs. By sharing a fun video relevant to your practice, you could gain new traffic to your page or site and increase your audience. In fact, shared videos rate the highest for engaging content on social media pages. Try an infographic on your site to capture the short attention spans of your audience. This concept has become so important that website design has shifted to a more simplistic approach to support a focus on content. Content is becoming more concise and impactful with increased focus on headlines, short paragraphs, bold facts, videos, authentic photography and bulleted lists.

The digital space continues to evolve and change, which means your digital marketing requires constant attention. Changing how you think about these four areas is a simple way to refocus your marketing efforts in the digital space.