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You may have noticed some changes around Fuel recently. We have been busy defining and freshening the message and look of our brand. Over the past few months and throughout the remainder of the year you will see our brand freshening become apparent in a new website, industry marketing efforts and member communication vehicles like the new Fuel Your Business (FYB) monthly newsletter we are rolling out today.

In last year’s annual survey, feedback showed us that our members would enjoy and benefit from a regular Fuel Medical newsletter. We are proud to announce this as the first installment of our new Fuel Your Business monthly newsletter designed to address that request.

Each month, we will highlight marketing strategies, industry news, human resources tips, vendor deals and promotions and much more. Each article featured here will also be available in our blog for later reference as a resource for your practice.

You can look forward to one newsletter each month in addition to our weekly FYB single-topic communications.