10 Things We Learned in This Year’s Member Survey

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete our member survey earlier this spring. As you may know, we conduct a survey of our membership every year so we can get a sense of how we are doing and learn more about your needs and goals for the coming year.

Here are the top 10 things we learned from our members this year.

1. You are more excited to talk about Fuel than ever.

Our Net Promoter Score, a key metric for member satisfaction, is 71 this year, up 10 points from last year. Thanks for the feedback! We love working with you too.

2. You especially appreciate our customer service and staff expertise.

Ninety-eight percent of you said you really appreciate the level of expertise our staff bring to their work. We agree! We enjoy working with so many smart, experienced people.

3. Most of you are considering offering OTC devices.

Seventy-five percent of respondents indicated that they either plan to offer OTC devices or are actively considering it.

4. Many of you are still early in the stages of planning your OTC strategy.

If you feel behind on OTC, don’t worry! While some of our members are all ready to go, 52% of respondents said they are early in their OTC planning strategy. (Talk to your RM about our OTC guide. It’s built specifically to help you get your strategy formulated!)

5. You’re interested in diverse support for your OTC strategies.

Every potential solution we offered received enthusiastic support, but respondents said they were especially interested in information on how to offer OTC devices in their practice, and information on how to position their practice competitively against OTC hearing aids.

6. Our Commission Plan Analysis services and our Access Hearing Program are our best kept secrets.

Did you know we can help you design and administer a commission plan tailored to your practice needs? Or that our Access Hearing Program gives members a high-quality, low-cost competitive alternative to third-party benefit programs? Talk to your regional team for details on this or any of our programs.

7. Digital marketing is more important to you than ever before.

When we asked which services were the most important to you, every service stayed the same as in 2021 except digital. This year, we saw a 7% increase in members who ranked digital as the most important service Fuel is offering their practice.

8. The rising cost of goods is a key concern for you.

Sixty-three percent of our members ranked the rising cost of goods as a “concerning” or “very concerning” issue for their practice.

9. You love our Director of Professional Development, Jim Fedio!

We received lots of wonderful kudos for all our staff—thank you! Among our non-regional staff, Jim received the most shout outs by far. If you have not yet met Jim, talk to your regional team about professional development opportunities through Fuel.

10. Leslie Pearson and Kristina Nunez-Brown also made a big impression!

From our regional teams, Leslie and Kristina in our Northeast territory received the most kudos for their hard work, which is not surprising since they are both wonderful! Congrats Leslie and Kristina! Thanks for all your quality work supporting our members.

Thanks again for your feedback! We take each comment seriously and are always open to hearing how we can improve or grow to better serve you. Thank y­ou for partnering with Fuel Medical!