Name of Department: 


Team Members (Name/Title/Length of Time at Fuel):

Lenore, Controller, 9 years

Christina, Accountant, 3 years

Services Provided to Members:

We provide customer invoices for marketing projects, digital services, allergy services, professional development services, human resource assistance and Rayovac or PowerOne battery orders. We also assist with payments via our portal or with credit card or check payments.   

It’s either Christina or Lenore who will answer your call to the main line here at Fuel.

How do you interact with Fuel members?

We generally converse via email, but members occasionally call us with questions about their accounts or invoices we’ve sent. We also field the calls to the main line from folks just wanting to know more about Fuel in general. We manage the usage and accrual of Digital Funds and apply them to invoices if that’s where the member wants to spend their funds. Digital Fund update: We can now apply those funds to ANY open invoice you have with us!

How do you support other departments at Fuel?

We support all our various departments with their billing services, as well as arranging the use of co-ops provided by our hearing aid manufacturers to assist with the payment of services. There are various co-ops offered by each of them, and many times, one co-op process will differ from another, so we keep them all organized and available for our members.

Fun Facts/What makes your department unique?

An unusual fact about both of us is that we have either lived or currently live in Alaska. Lenore was born there and spent her first 21 years there, and Christina is currently living there. We both enjoy our furry pets and spending time outdoors. Lenore enjoys a good ping-pong game here at the office and is proud to say that she wins quite a few of her games! Christina can speak three languages: Ukrainian, Russian and, of course, English. Another fun fact—Christina’s expecting her first child (a boy!) in about one month.

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