American Institute of Balance (AIB) & FYZICAL: End-to-End Balance Strategies in Two Strategic Partnerships

With one out of four older adults averaging a fall per year and a total industry medical cost upwards of $50 billion1, if you’re not offering some level of balance services to your patients, you’re narrowing their solutions to holistic health care. This couldn’t be more imperative in the audiology arena, with the vestibular system so intertwined with hearing processes.

The beauty of our strategic partnerships with AIB and FYZICAL is that our members have the opportunity to cover both sides of the operational coin, with both nationally recognized services complementing one another and adding a value-based care benefit to your patients’ experiences.

For members in need of implementing balance services and physical therapy, FYZICAL is a best-in-class, progressive partner with a 99% balance improvement success rate. And for those with an existing balance solution, our partnership access to AIB’s award-winning clinical protocols and certification tracks can support your balance program in becoming a more robust ancillary service.

Key-Value Points


  • Patient Care & Diagnostics: AIB strives to provide the highest caliber, evidenced-based diagnostic and treatment services in a caring, compassionate and cost-effective manner.
  • Education & Certification: AIB provides your practice with best-in-class diagnostic and audiological training through classes, workshops and online education and certification programs.
  • Research: AIB research appears in leading medical journals and textbooks. It is referenced by numerous investigators and incorporated into the gold standard of treatment by professional medical societies.


  • Services: Targeting seven key services—dizziness, balance, orthopedic, neurologic, fitness and pelvic health—FYZICAL’s services offer a wide array of options to treat and manage your patients’ needs.
  • Technology: FYZICAL’s vestibular rehabilitation programs are one of the most innovative in the industry, utilizing state-of-the-art training and assessment equipment, such as Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP).
  • Patient Loyalty & Revenue Generation: AFYZICAL franchise adds value to your practice as an ancillary revenue source and increases patient loyalty by keeping physical therapy appointments within your practice.

These two partnerships provide for an exciting opportunity for practices to not only expand billable services, attract long-term patients and cross-refer to other in-house departments but also up their professional development practices. These two partnerships can be used in tandem or separately to provide the highest level of care.

Special Offers for Fuel Members:

  • AIB—a 20% discount on services and licenses, including ongoing training, clinical, billing and practice support.
  • FYZICAL—a complimentary consultation on the viability of integrating a FYZICAL Therapy & Balance center to your practice.

[1] CDC. (2017, February 10). Important Facts about Falls. Retrieved September 22, 2020, from

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