Introducing: Fuel Medical’s Audiology Technician (Aud Tech) Training Program

As the business of healthcare continues to change, practitioners and clinics are forced to rethink the best and most efficient way to deliver the best patient outcomes. While the adoption of a team-based approach for patient care can be daunting, the results are impressive. 

Depending on location and needs, audiology technicians can participate in administrative work, hearing aid care, prepping patients for test and even performing certain tests. Fuel Medical’s Audiology Technician Training Program covers all of these options, so regardless of what your tech’s job description includes, they can use our program to be properly trained.

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The training program is broken down into three main phases designed to focus on differing areas of knowledge.


Customer Service & Hearing Aids

A multi-lesson training program that provides a thorough understanding of how an audiology technician can support a patient on their road to better hearing.


Theoretical Preparation

A theoretical knowledge-based program examining diagnostics, anatomy & physiology and test descriptions.


Hands-on Testing

Students will learn how to prep and perform the most common hearing & vestibular tests.

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Adding an Aud Tech to your practice can increase
the availability of your audiological services.