Brendan Ford, COPM-C

Founder / Co-Owner

Fuelie Since Inception (October 2009)

Favorite Thing About Working at Fuel Medical

Our work hard, play hard culture. The strong relationships we have throughout our team and the diverse backgrounds of each teammate allow us to innovate and execute at an amazing rate. We’re not only proud of our team’s results, we enjoy spending time together.

Best Part of Working With Fuel Members

I sincerely enjoy collaborating with our members to overcome the unique challenges each one of them face. Monotony suffocates creativity and mood, but engaging with the industry’s best medical professionals on a wide-variety of topics keeps things fresh and fuels our growth.

Free-time Activity

Anything and everything outdoors and preferably under the sun. I also enjoy spending time in my shop, restoring cars or trying to fix something that I will end up having to buy because I made it worse.