Jim Fedio

Director of Professional Development

Fuelie Since April 2016

Favorite Thing About Working at Fuel Medical

There is a genuine spirit of collaboration and shared goals centered around helping our members achieve their goals. We have some amazing talent and regardless of title, everyone has a voice when contributing to the success of a project. Knowing we are surrounded by a team of people who are aligned by common values makes what I do a heck of a lot easier.

Best Part of Working With Fuel Members

Many of the members I work with today are at some of the same practices I’ve worked with when I started at Fuel 5 years ago. We’ve built true partnerships and friendships that have taken us through the best of times and have taken us through the worst of times as we continue to learn and grow together. Our members have tough jobs; we just try to make life a little easier. It’s an honor to be part of their journey.

Free-time Activity

In my free time I love taking advantage of the diverse landscape and scenery of the pacific northwest and at the end of a great day outdoors sharing a great bottle of wine or microbrew with my friends.