Behind-the-Culture at Fuel

Our company’s greatest cultural strengths have been bound around a simple, yet effective combination of collaboration and community. Our work may be what we’re best known for, but Fuel is defined by the people that rise to achieve it.

Fuelie [fyoo-uhl-ee]

noun, plural fiel•ies
  1. A person: an individual who helps build health care journeys, not just destinations.
  2. An award: an honor awarded to a Fuel employee for finding the path and leading the way.

Inspiring Creative Collaboration

At Fuel we believe in the power of individual voices driving the collaborative effort. This setting hasn’t just attracted innovative talent, it’s fostered it. Our team members mentor each other over Café Picolo’s fresh danishes, brainstorm while walking the trail to Lacamas Lake, and conspire to improve established processes with a pint from Fuel’s very own tap. 

Connecting with Our Community

Every year we host a community art show, open our bay doors to hand out candy to trick or treaters (we always have leftovers, only some of the office is excited about it) and become the community’s donation center for the local Toys for Tots organization. We treat every community we’re a part of the same way; as active members working to help it thrive.

Interested in becoming a Fuelie?