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Almost everyone has a website, but almost no one knows everything it takes to create, maintain and make one perform so that it is an asset to their business. At Fuel, we have a team of 20 experts on our digital team who work primarily behind the scenes creating industry-leading digital products to ensure our member’s presence online is second to none. Read on to learn a little about the team making our members successful online.

Team Members:

  • Kelly / Director of Digital Strategies / 5 years
  • Christian / Web Development Manager / 7 years
  • Crawford / Web Developer / 8 years
  • Kyle / Web Developer / 8 years
  • J. / Web Developer / 6 years
  • Seth / Web Developer / 2 years
  • Casey / Junior Web Developer / 1 year
  • Tolo / Web Designer / 9 years
  • Jay / Web Designer / 4 years
  • Tyler / SEO & Content Manager / 3 years
  • Kimberly / Digital Marketing Specialist / 7 years
  • Rachael / Advertising Content Specialist / 1 year
  • Randi / SEO & Reputation Management Specialist / 2 years
  • Sean / Digital Content Specialist / 2 years
  • Emily / Content Specialist / 6 months
  • Emily / Content & SEO / 1 month
  • Katie / Digital Project Manager / 1 year
  • Marco / SEM Specialist / 5 years
  • Gavin / Digital Advertising Specialist / 3 years
  • Eli / Video Production Specialist / 3 months

Services Provided to Members:

  • Website development and management
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Reputation Management
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Production

How do you interact with Fuel members?

It varies by position. Roles like the digital project manager and SEO manager engage with members over teams. Most of the member projects are managed in collaboration with the Account Management team meaning that our developers spend most of their time on site development and have more limited communication directly with members.

How do you support other departments at Fuel?

Our department interacts with virtually every other group in the company.  We support the regional teams through fulfilling all member digital projects. At the same time, we manage all of Fuel’s corporate web properties which requires us to collaborate with many stakeholders.

Fun Facts/What makes your department unique?

Our team has an exceptionally wide range of varying skillsets. Everyone brings a unique talent that helps make each of our digital products industry leading.

For a team event, a majority would pick going to watch a Marvel movie.

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