Fuel Sponsors Local Student for HOSA Conference

At Fuel Medical, we are committed to serving the local community and its future leaders. To put our money where our mouth is, so to speak, we’ve decided to sponsor Heritage High School student Emily M. for the second year in a row to attend the HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) International Leadership Conference.

This annual conference is the highlight for HOSA members. It is held in June in different cities across the country. The conference includes networking activities, leadership academies, tours of health care facilities, the National Competitive Events Program, an educational symposium and more!

For the competition, Emily M. had the opportunity and responsibility to lead the State of Washington participants. “I am part of a board that includes eight strong leaders that run and organize the HOSA chapters in our state. At the competition, we were able to lead a state-wide meeting, informing our members on the norms of the competition and introducing our goals as a team for the upcoming year,” she explained. “It was very scary at first to be talking in front of over 150 Washington members, but this entire conference and all of the state officer training that I have had the privilege to go to has helped me become a stronger and more confident leader.”

Emily M. is creating a path for herself we hope other students will follow. “Your help has done nothing but made myself a better person and my state more successful,” she says. “Thank you for everything you have ever done. I love the person you have turned me into, and I love that you guys are able to make students’ dreams come true.”

To learn more about our community leadership initiatives, please contact your marketing or regional manager.

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