Hospitals & Medical Centers

Within hospital and medical center systems, it is difficult for ENT and audiology departments to stand out among the broad scope of health service providers. Corporate guideline marketing restrictions, a lack of departmental resources—there are many complex issues to navigate.

Fuel has extensive experience working effectively within medical center bureaucracies and can help you grow and differentiate your practice when your ability to promote ENT and audiology services is limited.

As a medical center clinic, you have an advantage over other clinics in the community because the medical center has an established and trusted brand. Furthermore, many prospective patients already exist within the medical center system. Fuel will help you capitalize on and amplify these advantages.

At Fuel Medical, we provide a holistic approach to practice management. Our team can help analyze your practice and offer custom solutions based on your unique needs. We provide comprehensive support services for every area of your business, from evolving allergy services to the full scope of hearing and balance strategies. Reinforced with staffing and team development solutions, financial analysis and operational streamlining, we’re here for you for virtually every goal you want to achieve.

To continually improve your department’s practice management, Fuel Medical Group has 16 representatives certified in otolaryngology practice management (COPM-C). That is more than any other business advisory group and that number is growing.

Sarah Laughlin, COPM-CDirector of Human Resources

Fuel can help you leverage the branding power of your parent facility while building on the specialty care, staff, and patient-first experiences that define your clinic.

Ten popular ways we support hospitals and medical centers:

  1. Raise your stature in the medical center by capitalizing on internal marketing opportunities, proving the growing need for ENT services.
  2. Compliment and improve corporate marketing initiatives with ENT and audiology-specific professional collateral and digital campaigns.
  3. Create and execute custom physician referral plans for the medical center and the community.
  4. Leverage group purchasing for discounts with strategic suppliers.
  5. Streamline your operations to serve more patients to increase revenue and patient satisfaction.
  6. Map the patient journey to identify opportunities to improve the patient experience.
  7. Provide patient education strategies and materials for educating patients before and after they enter the clinic.
  8. Execute financial and competitive analysis to create custom treatment options and solutions to optimize managed care plans and OTC strategies.
  9. Provide staff training, recruitment and professional development.
  10. Lead or facilitate culture and team development, and strategic and business planning.

We look at your practice holistically through a cyclical, three-lensed approach—practice support, revenue growth and patient engagement—collaborating to propel you into a progressive and profitable future.

Whatever your needs, Fuel’s intuitive blend of individual account managers, personalized service and limitless, custom solution strategies ensure that your business—and your patients’ experiences—are a success.

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