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Tomorrow’s Health Care, Made Possible Today

As the business of health care continues to change, practitioners and clinics have to rethink the best and most efficient way to deliver superior patient outcomes. While the adoption of a team-based approach for patient care can be daunting, the results are impressive.

Depending on location and needs, audiology technicians (Aud Techs) can participate in administrative work, hearing aid care, prepping patients for testing and even performing certain tests.

Fuel Medical’s Audiology Technician Training Program covers all of these options, so no matter what your tech’s job description includes, they can use our course to receive the proper training.

Optimize Your Practice With An Aud Tech

Having a trained audiology technician on staff can offer several benefits to maximize the long-term growth of your business, including:

  • Increased availability of audiological services. Aud Techs can free up current audiologists from more routine tasks, giving them more time to devote to higher-level clinical services. 
  • Increased patient satisfaction. Aud Techs can enhance the patient experience by improving workflow, leading to decreased wait times and greater schedule availability.
  • Increased top-line revenue. By taking over many duties related to care and maintenance of hearing aids, Aud Techs allow audiologists to handle a greater volume of higher-value appointments, such as hearing aid consultations.

100% Online Self-Paced Program

Fuel Medical’s training has three main phases, all designed to focus on the key knowledge areas an Aud Tech needs to perform their job successfully.

Phase 1: Customer Service & Hearing Aids
This multi-lesson training program provides a thorough understanding of how an Aud Tech can best support patients on their road to better hearing.

Phase 2: Theoretical Preparation
This theoretical knowledge-based program examines diagnostics, anatomy and physiology and test descriptions.

Phase 3: Hands-On Testing
Students will learn how to prep and perform the most common hearing and vestibular tests.

Students can access our 100% online self-paced program from any device, making it a convenient, flexible option for an employee already working in your practice. They can view all material covered and new modules as they are developed whenever—and from wherever—they like.

We know you’re busy, but we want you to feel confident Fuel Medical is providing the proper training to your future Aud Tech. That’s why we’ve designed the program to include 60-second homework challenges where participants will demonstrate their new knowledge base to you. Plus, all participants pass open-book quizzes for the sections and earn a certificate of completion for their hard work.

Ready to enroll? Become a member of Fuel Medical today to access our Aud Technician Training Program for just $1495 per participant (or $2495 per participant for non-Fuel members). Contact us now to get started!

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