Kyle Charlton

Tell us a little bit about yourself (i.e., professional background, hobbies, interests, etc.).

I’m Fuel Medical’s Senior Web Developer and Technical Lead. I earned an associate’s in computer science at the College of Western Idaho, and I’ve been working in the web industry for about 15 years. I have many hobbies and interests; my wife says I pick up hobbies at the drop of a hat. I dabble in model trains, wood carving and the ukulele. I also love playing board games, and my favorite sport is hockey. The Edmonton Oilers are my favorite team. GO OILERS!!

What is the most valuable resource you provide to our members, and what does an average day look like?

My average day consists of keeping up with industry news; researching, upgrading and developing new tools for our digital team; working on new features to be included in future websites; and website development. I believe the most valuable resource I provide is my experience and drive to provide the best websites in our industry.

Tell us something unique about you.

Something unique about me is that I was born and raised in Northern Alberta, Canada. I grew up in the country and was only a few short minutes from a large, beautiful lake where I enjoyed fishing in our canoe while listening to the loons. I moved to the United States 13 years ago after marrying my wife, a U.S. citizen. In 2019, I became a dual citizen.

What is one thing you cannot live without?

A computer, of course—it’s how I make a living.

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