Make Your Resume Shine by Focusing on Results 

When updating your resume, it may be tempting to simply list the responsibilities or job duties you’ve held in various roles. However, you can make yourself stand out from the crowd by focusing on what you’ve achieved in each position and how you’ve contributed to the organization’s revenue. 

As an audiologist, there are specific key performance indicators, or KPIs, that will highlight your impact on your current or past organizations. While working on your resume, consider including: 

  • Number of Units Dispensed Each Month: This metric reflects the total quantity of hearing aids sold within a one-month period. Showcasing this number gives potential employers a sense of the volume you’re accustomed to dispensing each month.  
  • ASP (Average Sales Price) or Technology Tier Breakdown: Calculating your average price per hearing aid dispensed or breaking down your hearing aid sales by technology tier shows potential employers your ability to help patients realize the benefits of premium and advance technology. A high ASP or large ratio of premium technology signals that you’ll have a strong, positive impact on a practice’s revenue. 
  • Close Rate: This shows the proportion of consultations or initial appointments that result in a sale, which highlights your ability to match hearing aid solutions to patient needs and overcome patients’ objections to treatment. 
  • Binaural Rate: This refers to the percentage of sales where the patient purchased two hearing aids rather than just one. As most hearing loss occurs in both ears, a higher binaural rate may indicate success in educating patients on the benefits of a binaural solution for a more natural listening experience. 
  • Return Rate: This measures the percentage of hearing aids that are returned by patients within a given period. A low return rate can help demonstrate your ability to match patients with the appropriate solution, properly fit their hearing aids and coach them through the early stages of their hearing aid journey.  

Combined, these metrics help showcase your strengths and the financial impact you can have on a practice. With numerous candidates applying for jobs in the audiology field, it’s important to make your resume stand out to potential employers. Highlighting accomplishments and results achieved in your current and past roles is a great way to do this. 

If you’re interested in additional information about career development, check out Fuel’s Resource Library

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