Meet Fuel Medical Partner NTENT

NTENT was started in 1995 by a group of eight otolaryngologists and oculoplastic surgeons who joined to support independent medical practices. Their first project was to obtain medical malpractice insurance, which today they offer to their members at a 53% discount. As they continued to grow, they started a group purchasing organization (GPO) as a separate entity to allow them to expand beyond Texas. The group today works with about 280 physicians throughout Texas and the central United States.

Kathie Norris, NTENT’s executive director, has spent 27 years in the medical field and the last eight working with NTENT.

“I love working with this group,” she says. “I pour myself into my work, but it’s worth it. When I get calls from our physicians thanking me for everything we do, and for advocating for them, it’s fulfilling.”

One of Kathie’s big wins with the organization happened five years ago. UnitedHealthcare had determined not to cover a specific service for ENTs. This would have made the procedure financially impractical for NTENT’s members, so Kathie went to bat with UHC. Not only did her advocacy change the policy for NTENT’s practices; because of her efforts, UHC decided to change the policy nationally. She also negotiated an Acclarent contract with Johnson & Johnson two years ago, which made NTENT the second GPO to ever do that.

In addition to group purchasing benefits and medical practice insurance, NTENT works with members on MIPS compliance through a quality assurance program. They also negotiate with payers to keep costs low and reimbursement high for their members.

For more information about NTENT or any of the partners Fuel Medical Group works with, contact your regional team.