Meet Marco, Fuel Medical’s Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Marco dishes on why he wanted to work at Fuel Medical and how his work on an American League team turned into something very special!

1. What do you do at Fuel Medical?

I am a search engine specialist. I optimize the code and content of websites and I manage the marketing of websites for both paid and organic search engine results. Check out my article, SEO & SEM: Search Strategy Alignment for Digital Success  to learn more.

2. When did you start working at Fuel Medical and what made you want to work here?

I started working at Fuel in March 2017. It was the forward-thinking culture that initially drew me to the company because taking an innovative approach is so important in my field due to the constantly changing digital landscape. We can adapt as trends and technology continue to evolve while we grow and move forward.

3. What type of experience do you have in the digital landscape?

Professionally, I have been working on websites for about eight years. My roles have included being a project manager, designer, developer and marketer. They all have played a part in the development of my current role as a search engine specialist.

4. What’s the most surprising job you’ve had?

I worked for the Seattle Mariners in the mid-90s when they finally started making it to the playoffs. It was great because I grew up wanting to be a pro baseball player and now I can say that I used to be on a major league baseball team’s payroll.

5. What is something you enjoy doing outside of work?

My interest in baseball has rubbed off on my daughter, who plays softball. I help coach the team she plays on. She plays with a great group of girls who don’t mind putting in the work to improve. It’s fun to see them grow as players.

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