University Clinics

Providing educational and audiological support for a holistic approach to hearing health care.

As an individual practice housed amidst a campus of services, it can take a lot to stand out of the pack.

Increasing pressures to meet financial obligations are often looming for university audiology clinics. This can make it difficult to strike a balance with the hands-on learning experience required to prepare students for their audiology careers. In a rapidly changing environment, increased threats of over-the-counter and managed care impact your bottom line.

How is your university clinic navigating these obstacles?

At Fuel, our goal is to help you find a balance between managing a profitable clinic and providing quality academic opportunities for your students.

Clinic Benefits

Universities have a unique competitive advantage. Where most practices spend a large budget on external branding and marketing, you have a well-established and trusted brand. Furthermore, many of your prospective patients may already exist within your university healthcare system.

Whether you are looking to drive more new patients, establish competitive pricing models (bundled vs. unbundled), or establish treatment programs to compete with current market trends (managed care & OTC), Fuel Medical’s team is here to provide custom solutions to help you meet your clinic’s potential. 

Universities already have a trusted brand in their communities and it’s our job to help leverage that authority within their local market.

Kathleen AndersSenior Marketing Manager

Student Benefits

Your students are the future of hearing health care. It’s important to provide a holistic audiological clinic experience. Fuel’s team is equipped with resources to support all areas of audiology health, including hearing loss, hearing aids, cochlear implants, tinnitus, balance, vestibular and cognitive function. While many groups only support your hearing aid initiatives, Fuel values the full spectrum of Audiology care.  

Fuel offers a wide-range of support and resources to help educate and provide guidance to students throughout their academic program. Our team will assist with externship and post-graduation job placement, as well as the preparation tools for each.

Some areas of support include:

  • Preparations for job interviews
  • Externship placement
  • Post-graduate job placement
  • Treatment plan acceptance training
  • Mapping the patient journey
  • Marketing a small business
  • Building a physician referral network

We look at your practice holistically, through a cyclical, three-lensed approach—practice support, revenue growth and patient engagement—in collaborating to push you into a progressive, on-brand and profitable new future.

Ready to collaborate? Contact us to learn more, today.