Which Services Do Audiology Practices Use?

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Audiology practices have different needs from Ear Nose & Throat practices. Sometimes, they are a small practice with one or two audiologists, so they don’t need team-building activities. They may have a smaller budget, so their marketing needs will differ. However, with the right resources, these practices can be quite successful. Fuel Medical makes it our business to support every practice, regardless of size.

This month, our Ask Fuel First question is: Which Fuel Medical services do audiology practices use? Listen to what Amanda King, the Audiology Director at Kampsen Hearing had to say about the services Fuel Medical provides.

An Audiology Practice Speaks

We had the pleasure of speaking with Amanda King, Au.D., CCC-A, FAAA, the Audiology Director at Kampsen Hearing, in Tampa, Florida. She said that the biggest benefit of working with Fuel Medical is the support she receives from her regional manager, Jeremy Weaver, and her account manager, Janet Denman. This support translates into overall business planning and strategizing:

I have weekly meetings with Jeremy and Janet. When I started, my biggest thing was for marketing. I was just kind of wing[ing] it and then hop[ing] it [stuck]. And then last year, I thought, “What did I do? Was it good; was it bad?” And then I [had] no idea. But [now that I have Fuel], every week, we talk about what we’ve done. We have a strategy every year, quarterly.

It’s all broken down and in writing, so I can actually look back. Doesn’t mean I do yet, [because] it’s only year one. But I really appreciate just the support—[it] is the biggest thing that I’ve gotten out of Fuel and couldn’t say thanks enough for.

I feel that in my previous group, they were very much about the business side. They taught me KPIs that got me understanding my numbers, but I don’t feel they taught me how to achieve those numbers, or if I had questions, there weren’t really great answers, or it was over a broad scheme of things. I’m the only provider at my practice. Sometimes, they would compare me to an ENT office that may have four providers, six providers, seven providers. So I just didn’t feel I got as much individual attention…whereas [with] Fuel, it’s much more about me and what I can do.

I’ve been the solo provider for five years. I’ve had a financial KPI goal for five years, and the first year I [met] it was my year with Fuel. I don’t think I did anything better. I just think the redirection and the support [Fuel gave helped], and that’s huge for me because I’m a goal-oriented person, so to always fall short [was difficult]. And to do that [meet our KPI goal] with only two people, for us to increase our business by $168,000 is huge, and nothing’s different except my relationship with Jeremy and Janet. So I mean, I can’t say thank you enough, and it’s just invaluable.

A. King, personal communication, June 9, 2023

Effective Digital Services

Amanda then spoke about Fuel Medical’s digital services:

I couldn’t love my website more. Fuel did an amazing job. [When I was with] the other group…with other people doing my website, I feel like it was very cookie-cutter. It was what everybody else’s website looked like except for my picture on it.

And [now with Fuel Medical], I couldn’t love my website more. [Before]…I was doing my own Google ads, which is embarrassing. My gosh, there’s a pop-up on my thread sometimes that’s embarrassing. But I don’t have to do that anymore. So it’s nice that I actually get calls on Google, and I’m ranked in the top three for most searches, and what are they called? Key terms…My website is my favorite [part of working with Fuel Medical].

…As a small business, it’s a nice thing that I’m going to purchase hearing aids anyways…[so I can get manufacturer and Fuel funds from these sales] to be able to just roll that over and pay for [the] monthly fees for my website, my Facebook, all of that, is huge as well.

A. King, personal communication, June 9, 2023

Consistent Marketing Services

She also discussed how she combats the “pretty heavy” marketing campaigns of her competitors in Florida:

[I’ll use] the word[s] Jeremy [Weaver] uses all the time: It’s just consistent marketing. So whether we’re doing a mailer, whether we’re handwriting postcards, [whether] we do recalls…I feel like our biggest thing is consistency. I have admitted for years that I’m not great at [consistency] and…being on a deadline, but consistency is key…

I’m not trying to outperform them because these people do two-page newspaper ads every day. It’s not a budget I have or want to have, but just the consistency, I think, in making sure we’re getting in mailboxes and being seen in other ways. That’s been what’s been successful.

A. King, personal communication, June 9, 2023

What’s Your Advice to Others Considering Fuel Medical?

When we asked Amanda what advice she would give to another practice considering working with Fuel Medical, she said this:

I feel like the devil’s in the details…Most people are going to say, “I need help with getting people through the door.” Finding a group like Fuel, that’s what they do, and that’s what they’re there to support you with. They’re not there to push you in different directions you may or may not want to go. They’re there to listen and then take your restraints. My awkwardness is probably my biggest strength but also [my] biggest weakness. Jeremy and Janet [by] just helping, listening to me, talking me off the ledge or through the different events are key. But [for other practices], it’s just “What do you need?” And they’re [Fuel Medical] usually that fit of what you need.

A. King, personal communication, June 9, 2023

Amanda described the different ways that Fuel Medical has helped her be successful at her practice. She appreciates the support and strategic planning that her regional manager and account manager give her and has seen a significant revenue increase since partnering with Fuel Medical. She loves how our digital team has designed and maintained her website. Plus, our SEO specialists keep her practice at the top of online searches, increasing the number of new patients. Amanda also spoke of how consistent marketing has been a success even though her competitors spend a lot of money on marketing. All of these services have been instrumental in helping Amanda grow as an audiology director and Kampsen Hearing becoming a stronger practice. Is your practice in need of more consistent, reliable marketing?  Learn how we can help; simply complete the form on this page, and we will follow up with you.

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