Your Legal Gold Standard in an Ever-Evolving Compliance Landscape  

Maintaining compliance—patient safety, the privacy of patient information and billing practices—is a malleable process, requiring constant oversight with no room for error. Whether you just don’t have the time or you’re looking for extra departmental support, we’re here to help you stay on top of specialty-specific regulations, keep your staff trained and aligned and, most importantly, help you stay compliant in today’s online world.

HIPAA violations are expensive. They range from $100 to $50,000 per violation.

Source: Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA)

Stay on Top of Regulatory Compliance Issues in Your Specialty

As regulatory issues vary from specialty to specialty, Fuel keeps you up to speed. Language and policy around Medicare, over-the-counter hearing aids, and new advancements in medical devices are all experiencing intuitional compliance changes in the field of audiology. We’re also experts in every branch of otolaryngology, both researching and providing your team with up-to-date documentation of regulatory changes.

Here are just a few of the constantly evolving regulatory compliance issues impacting 2020 business strategies that we can help with: 

  • Health Care Reform; Association Health Plans (AHPs), Short-Term Limited Duration Insurance (STLDI), and Individual Contribution Health Reimbursement Accounts (ICHRAs)
  • Changes to the Social Security Act and Medicare regarding overpayment refunds
  • Telemedicine Provider Qualification, Licensing, and Operations Compliance

HIPAA Compliance Partnership Training Offerings

In tandem with annual updates to written policies and procedure manuals, it’s important to ensure your staff is going through yearly HIPAA training yearly. Security risk assessments, do’s and don’ts, privacy language updates, these are all essentials in building an effective training program, all of which we build upon with video training modules and easy-to-access learning materials for you and your team.

78 percent of healthcare employees showed some lack of preparedness with common privacy and security threat scenarios.

Compliance Marketing and Patient Education For a Virtual World

If your practice is handling protected health information, all of your online processes have to comply. Aside from obvious threats such as data breaches and unprotected servers, you’ve got to know how to navigate the daily changing demands of marketing strategies. We’re in your corner for all of it, especially when it comes to educating your patients in the process.

Search engines like Google have their own compliance issues, and any piece of digital collateral you touch, from social posts to ad-buys, has to have an eye on it.

Do You Have an Updated Road Map to Staying Compliant?

At Fuel, we understand that both small and large practices are under increasingly complex pressures to stay compliant. Policy, procedure and documentation—all of these need to be in alignment for you to succeed, on top of all of your dynamic business needs. 

For a collaborative partner with a vested interest in keeping your team not just educated, but equipped with the tools to apply changes in real-time, consider us your gold standard option.

Contact Fuel today to learn how to stay compliant without compromising your business growth strategy. 

“As a medical clinic, ambulatory surgery center, hospital or university, there is nothing more important than patient care, but health care compliance and protecting patient information is ranked extremely high.”