Practice Operations

Operational Strategies Designed for Consistent, Grow-Sustaining Results

Proper systems are essential to achieve consistent, growth-sustaining results. Fuel has pioneered a series of patient flow protocols designed to consistently communicate your practice’s unique value proposition to patients. Combined with cyclical, ongoing training for staff and a deep-dive analytics on metrics and benchmarks, we can set your business up for growth while strengthening your mission at the same time.

“At times, clinics are too focused on bringing in new patients, when in reality they could grow dramatically just by improving their current operations—having more current patients choose more treatments.”

Jesse BoyerRegional Director

A Holistic Look at Your Key Growth Areas

Framing the new lens on all your areas of opportunity with a firm focus on your patient’s perception of value, we look at every corner of your business. If it’s key to keeping your revenue stream healthy, your staff engaged and your patients satisfied, we can optimize it. These are just a few of the many areas we can help recalibrate:

  • Scheduling efficiencies
  • Technology updates
  • Patient data management
  • Medical supplies contracts

Training Your Staff to Unite Around a Common Goal 

Recognizing the need for change is one thing, but the value of that change comes from its implementation. 

We’ve created an innovative series of training and staff development techniques, complete with curriculum collateral and hands-on support to ensure everyone on your team has what they need to deliver the best patient experience and stay true to your brand. 

Measuring Your Metrics to Set You Up for Success

Tracking and understanding key practice metrics and KPIs is vital to making improvements to operations. If you’re looking for answers to gaps in revenue and profitability, or want to excel ahead of your competitors, we can pull back the curtain on all your operational data with our hand-built cutting-edge software—finances, marketing, even patient experience—and set benchmarks to push you into the future.  

The difference between being in the bottom 20% and top 20% in monthly hearing aid units nationally is $200k in annual profit per audiologist.

Are You Ready To Elevate Your Operational Strategies? 

At Fuel Medical Group, we understand every single link in the chain of health care operations necessary for success. From communicating your value proposition to fixing your bottom line, and every unique metic in between, if you’re looking for systemic, holistic growth, you’re in the right place.    

Contact Fuel Medical Group to learn how our custom practice operation strategies can help further grow your business today.