Enhance Your Patients’ Experience With Amptify

For the past two years, clinics have remained stretched, with more patients needing more access to audiology services and follow-up care. If you’re looking to get even more out of your patient-provider experience while also adding more telehealth tools to your toolbox? Thankfully, Amptify can help.

What is Amptify?

Amptify is an entire platform that enhances the provider and patient experience through an “ecosystem” of interactive digital tools, benefits and other community-based resources. The entire Amptify DTx platform takes advantage of gamification that extends a patient’s hearing health care journey beyond standard clinic services.

Amptify can help you save and make money, save time, track patient progress, maintain clinic loyalty and offer you additional supplemental content through its community resources and peer-to-peer interactions. It will also help your patients better navigate their own lives through fun, engaging hearing loss coaching that works.

Why Use Amptify?

With Amptify, your patients will receive benefits from creative video games, motivational quizzes, a managed peer-to-peer environment for participants, and interactive programs designed to help with listening and cognitive skills, in addition to guidance from other certified hearing health care professionals.

Patients and clinics that use Amptify experience true benefits from its engaging programs. Its video games alone teach patients strong listening and cognitive skills through fun, interactive auditory training modules.

As a provider, you will also receive the following benefits when you partner with Fuel and Amptify:

  • Portal access with real-time patient performance reporting
  • Rapid program deployment plans to give your patients the most as soon as possible
  • Amptify deployment marketing materials
  • Amptify distributor training

Amptify truly expands on the medical model in hearing health care to bring patients more than just a hearing aid. Through unlimited hearing health counseling, instruction, and interactive auditory training for a flat monthly fee, Amptify doesn’t just enhance a patient’s journey—it completes it.

Save Money, Make Money

Amptify can help clinics save more than $60,000 a year* with its own telehealth tools and programs, which offer patients the same caliber of care only found previously through face-to-face follow-up visits.

Fuel members receive a special discount of 25% off with an Amptify Population Pro Plan. The more active, engaged patients you have with the program, the lower your own monthly subscription costs will be.

As an extension to your practice, Amptify and Fuel will also help you generate more income to ensure that you have the resources you need to augment your patients’ experience. By partnering with Amptify and Fuel, you can:​​

  • Purchase seats at a discounted rate on behalf of patients
  • Choose the resale option that best fits your practice—you may provide Amptify as a value add at no cost or sell it at MSRP to generate practice revenue

To learn more about Fuel can help partner your practice with Amptify, inquire with your regional manager today!

*Figure based on calculated data related to provider costs, filled appointment rates, new patients per month, new patient visit and follow-up visit lengths.

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