Online Advertising

Get Immediate Results with Custom SEM Campaigns

SEM or search engine marketing is better known as paid advertising or pay-per-click (PPC). Google has its advertising system called Google Adwords, which allows users to choose what phrases and words to bid on, set bid limits and create custom digital advertisements.

“The simplest description of what makes a good SEM campaign is one that the client feels serves its purpose or meets its goal. Whether it’s more traffic, sales or signups.”

Marco AspaasSEM Specialist

Customized Google Ad Campaigns to Fuel Your Business

Paid advertising isn’t like SEO (search engine optimization). Where organic search improvements take time to impact how well your site ranks in Google’s search results, SEM goes to work immediately.

Each time a potential patient makes a Google search that meets your campaign parameters, your ad will display in the top four positions of their search results.

Our SEM specialist works with you to customize campaigns to produce the highest return for your budget. They’ll determine:

  • The best keywords and phrases for a campaign 
  • What keyword/phrase matches will display your ad
  • The most active time to display your ads
  • How the ads are structured and what language to use
  • How aggressive your bid strategy is for advertisement categories

A good strategy makes all the difference. Our PPC campaigns target local searchers who are ready to contact your practice. We continually monitor and adjust campaigns to help increase click-through and conversion rates while identifying areas we can capitalize on like high-return low-cost searches that automated systems are likely to filter out. 

Facebook Advertising That Drives Traffic and Builds Your Brand

“27% of internet users say they find new products and brands through paid social ads.”

Source: Hootsuite

Digital advertising isn’t just more affordable than print or broadcast media—it puts your ads in front of viewers 24 hours a day. Our Facebook campaigns use strategic planning and audience targeting to identify and advertise to potential patients during peak viewing hours. 

Our Facebook Digital Marketing specialist analyzes campaigns and adjusts them accordingly. This data-backed analysis helps to strengthen ROI, increase conversion rates, and better target ads to the viewers most likely to respond to them. 

“There is no better or more affordable way to easily put your brand in front of new audiences than digital ads. From providing strategic planning to analytics, our digital advertising services uncomplicate the world of online ads to develop ads that work for your practice.” Kimberly Espinoza, Digital Marketing Specialist

Kimberly EspinozaDigital Marketing Specialist

Campaign Specific Landing Pages Designed to Convert

SEM advertising should rarely link to an existing service page. Service pages are designed to inform patients first and help funnel them to conversion-centric pages second. SEM landing pages are made to convert first, and we design ours using industry best practices and continual testing, monitoring and improvements by our expert SEM specialist.

On average, our campaign LPs more than double the industry average conversion rate of 3.36%

Source: WordStream

Every landing page is custom-built. We design them for your campaign, your target audience and your brand.

Our content team creates concise, compelling text that gets to the heart of your messaging, aligning high-level ad strategies with persuasive call-to-actions and trust-building value propositions while never losing sight of your targeted audience.

How Does Your Marketing Company Help Your Business to Compete?

At Fuel Medical Group, we offer complete healthcare digital marketing services across SEO, SEM, social media and reputation management. We analyze our member’s web presence, competition and growth plans in order to recommend the right services and package levels for their practice needs.  

Contact Fuel Medical Group today to learn how customized, managed and monitored SEM services can help further grow your business today.