Patient Acquisition

Patient Acquisition Solutions Designed to Compete

It’s a contest for your future patients’ attention, and a value-based care model is your strongest asset. Patients want to know how your model of care can integrate seamlessly into their lives. Your brand, your outreach, your presence both off and online and even the way you network amongst other providers all add up. At Fuel, we can help you become the premier choice in your community.  

“When it comes to patient acquisition, we’re often asked, ‘What is the one thing that is working?’ While there is no one silver bullet, our targeted multi-channeled campaigns that complement efforts online and offline will provide consistency and the necessary touchpoints to maximize success.”

Theo MaraisMarketing Director

Reach New Patients With Our Comprehensive Digital Strategies 

A well-designed website is one aspect of a larger patient-facing blueprint. We implement broad strategies to make sure your digital efforts are working their hardest for both patient acquisition and retention, such as: 

  • SEO strategies to make sure search engines—and patients—can find you. 
  • Reputation management to maintain best-in-class trust. 
  • Custom social campaigns designed to engage your patients and community. 

Let’s Keep Your Referral Networks Engaged

Don’t neglect this crucial part of community engagement. Referral strategyand relationship building are two of the most cost-effective ways to get a continuous stream of new patients in the door, through industry peers, referring practices and patient word-of-mouth. 

40% of patients would either need to have a personal referral or read great reviews about a physician online before they would seek virtual care with someone new.

Source: Medical Economics

Marketing As an Investment, Not An Expense  

Great, patient-focused practices have flexible marketing plans. We can help you harness the power of targeted external marketing campaigns that get your message in front of the right audience, create awareness about services offered and ultimately convert prospective patients to take action.

From traditional marketing channels such as direct mail to print media, TV commercials, radio and billboards—we don’t leave out any options when it comes to providing an increased return on your investment.

How Are You Mapping Your Patient Acquisition Plan for Tomorrow?  

Even if you’re on top of your brand, engaging with your community on multiple-channels and have a strong online presence, you can still fail to connect with new customers looking for a new practice. We provide a complete support team, partnering with you to manage all of the campaign details that keep your value proposition top-of-mind. 

Contact Fuel today to learn how our custom patient acquisition solutions can help further grow your business today.