Patient Follow Up

Consistent, Quality Follow-Up for a Competitor-Based Market

Appointment reminders and phone calls are standard ways to continue your patients’ post-visit continuum of care, but in our rapidly evolving landscape of digital touchpoints and technology advancements, you have to adapt if you want to best your competitors. Stay ahead of the curve and keep your patients engaged with Fuel’s consistent, one-size-fits-none creative, follow-up solutions.

“Patients will be lured away by ‘shiny and new’ from your competitors unless they feel like you care about their long-term care.”

Rose DuLude, Ph.D., CCC-A, FAAADirector of Audiology

Customized Educational Pieces to Support Your Patient Journey

Audiology and otolaryngology are both an art and a science, especially when it comes to explaining disciplinary nuances to your patients. Subpar educational and post-test explainer materials can lose your patients’ attention and esteem, hurting the relationship you’ve worked to build.

Restore confidence in their unique journey with customized tools like our beautifully designed Audiogram of Familiar Sounds, formatted to help patients easily understand their hearing test results. Our brandable World Reconnected Booklet further educates patients about the benefits of consistent audiological care and its impact on the success of a treatment plan.

Multi-Faceted Communication Designed for Engagement

From traditional marketing solutions custom-designed by our in-house team of creatives to drip email, text follow-up campaigns and direct access to proprietary telehealth solutions such as QM2—the leader in patient engagement tools and software—if there’s a way to ensure your patients are staying healthy, engaged and satisfied with their experience we have a solution and an expert to help you implement it.

According to a digital health consumer survey via Accenture Consulting, 58% of Gen Z, Millennials and Gen Xers, and 63% of those 55 and older say responsiveness to follow-up questions via email or phone outside of the appointment is critically or very important to their overall satisfaction.

Source: Accenture

Treatment Plans & Clinic Focus Strategies Built for Loyalty

If you haven’t moved away from ‘one-and-done’ care to a value-based model, there’s no time like the present. We can help you implement a compassionate, predictable patient flow that serves the quality of life of the patient rather than a single service.

Expand your care model to consider the many comorbidities around hearing loss. This can provide actionable insights and long term opportunities for holistic care—e.g., exclusive vendor access to Cognivue’s cognitive health fleet of screening devices.    

How Are You Modernizing Your Follow-Up Strategies?

Consumer-driven health care is the future. It’s not good enough to rely solely on old-school, family practice methods of follow-up care. Patients crave a more curated experience at every step of the process, with options that seamlessly weave positives into their time, finances and overall quality of life. At Fuel, we can help you adapt to nurture a new generation of loyal, long-term patients. 

Contact Fuel Medical Group to learn how our custom patient follow-up solutions can help further grow your business today.